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Counselor Anjelika Layco, LMFT

Anjelika Layco, LMFT
call/text (360) 524-4828



Child Counseling

Olya Pavlishina, LMFT
call/text (360) 356-8756

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Vancouver, WA 98684

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Child Therapy in Vancouver, WA


As a parent, are you feeling concerned, frustrated, discouraged, or powerless?

  • Is your child complaining about difficulties with friends?
  • Does your son/daughter seem depressed and withdrawn?
  • Are you worried about your child’s decline in school performance?
  • Do you dread your child going to school every day due to behaviors associated with ADHD?
  • Are you exhausted from your child’s angry and defiant behavior?
  • Would you like to improve your skills as a parent?

Children may be unable to put their thoughts and feelings into words when they feel overwhelmed or distressed. As a result, they often end up acting out, beginning a downward spiral from which they cannot free themselves. Even the most caring, concerned parents may be at a loss as to how to help.

As therapists, we work closely with parents and consider them part of the treatment team. Sometimes this means doing sessions with parents and children together. At other times, this means seeing the child individually and meeting with parents separately to hear how things are progressing at home and offering parenting strategies that may be useful based on what we understand about their particular child.

Part of our work together may include attending school meetings for your child.  We can offer guidance and advocacy for parents navigating the school system and addressing concerns with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and related services.

Here are some of the things you may gain from family counseling with us:


  • Increased feelings of self-worth and appreciation of individual strengths
  • Improved communication with peers and family members
  • Enhanced motivation, courage, and joy
  • Reduced feelings of anger, sadness, and anxiety
  • Discovery of limitless potential


  • Renewed feelings of support and connection to your child
  • Broader repertoire of responses to your child’s social-emotional needs
  • Improved ability to create and agree on realistic goals related to your child
  • Renewed confidence in your enhanced and effective parenting skills
  • Increased understanding and appreciation of child’s overall development

Are you ready to start family therapy for your child?

We encourage you to give us a call or schedule your counseling appointment online:

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Not ready to schedule your first appointment yet? We will be happy to set up a FREE 15 minute phone consultation with you.

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Anjelika Layco, LMFT
call/text 360. 524. 4828

Olya Pavlishina, LMFT
call/text 360. 356. 8756


We look forward to meeting you and your family!

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